Join The Broadcaster!

The paper is a place that welcomes anyone and everyone, and it couldn’t hurt to just take a peek.


As a senior here in EI, I’ve been in your shoes no matter what grade you’re in…

Maybe you’re a freshman looking at long lists of clubs and hearing a million different suggestions from different people.

“You’re amazing in English class, do mock trial!”

“You’re built like a linebacker, join the football team!”

“With your voice, we need you in the musical!”

Or maybe you’re a sophomore, and you’ve somewhat explored clubs of your interest and you already feel too committed to explore more.

Or perhaps you’re a junior, thinking that there just isn’t enough time to join something new.

… I know, I’ve been there. Everybody wants a place to be themselves, regardless of what anyone has to say. Some lacrosse players sing, and some actors are in the Math Honors Society. We’re all contradictions just trying to find our voice, which is exactly where the newspaper comes in.

There’s something here for everyone. Decorated or new writers. Athletes and musicians. People with a nearly empty schedule and no extracurriculars, and people with a schedule overflowing (that would be me). All we really want is you!

Painter? We need designers just as much as we need writers. Photographer? Every story needs pictures. Baseball player? We need the inside scoop. Everyone is not only welcome but needed.

Truly, the paper would be incomplete if not for a collaboration of all students from all different interests and backgrounds. The options are endless.

But I’m biased. Of course, the Editor-In-Chief is gonna have a lot to say… that’s kinda what I’m here for… which is why I have Mr. Augello here in this article to tell you a little about this new and fancy digital format and its possibilities, as well as Paris Williamson, to give you another member’s perspective.

Speaking of… take it away, Paris!

The Broadcaster for Students

Growing up in the 2000s, it was clear that our society was changing ever so significantly, especially in the area of media and technology. Phones and laptops emerged and so did the new era of media consumption. News and all we needed to keep privy to was now just a click away on our phones and the convenience was and still is loved by many. Need to know the latest about your favorite sports team? The New York Times probably has an article on their page that would tell you all you need to know. Want to hear the latest about current events? Check Twitter. 

That’s where The Broadcaster comes in. The Broadcaster could be considered to an extent East Islip High School’s very own New York Times. Our team of very talented writers and a very ambitious and driven club advisor have been working very hard for the last year to revamp and re-invent the school’s newspaper and we’ve definitely accomplished some milestones. Our club, The Broadcaster, works to keep the school population aware of student accomplishments, sports, club activities, funny stories, and much more than you can imagine. Our well coordinated website was created so that the school population could have all this at their fingertips. I’m not sure about you guys but I’d love to be able to keep in the loop of things so easily! The Broadcaster is always open to suggestions and new members that are interested in sharing their bright minds and skills with the team to continue to better The Broadcaster and aid in making it the best it can be. The members of our club believe in listening to each other and keeping a friendly and warm environment that welcomes all.

Joining The Broadcaster was one of the best decisions I’ve made, believe it or not. I could put my ideas and writing skills to good use while contributing to the school. Just like Tristan, and the other members of our little team, I want nothing more than for the newspaper to thrive; which brings us to Mr. Augello, our incredibly dedicated advisor…

How To Help

When I sat in my first journalism class at Syracuse University, the university I attended before deciding to study Education, I was eager and nervous and sweating (it was late August). My professor stood up in front of the room and introduced himself in a slight southern drawl he picked up after spending time as an editor at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in Texas. He wasted no time with pleasantries and announced “Print journalism is dead.” 

What my professor really should have said is “Traditional print journalism is dead.” In many ways, he was right! Gone are the days of neighbors waving to each other in their bathrobes with a steaming cup of coffee in hand as they retrieve the newspaper from their stoop to catch up on what is happening in the world. Since that class twelve years ago, there have been countless iterations of the way people consume media – ways that we could not have ever imagined. 

That brings us to today and The Broadcaster. What can this platform be?

What if we had a gallery of artwork accompanying a story about a featured artist? What if within the story of the softball team’s championship run, we shared video of their brightest moments? What if we showcased poetry from members of the literary magazine? What if athletes used this as a platform to talk about their careers, teams, seasons, struggles, and successes the way athletes do on The Players’ Tribune? What if this provided a forum for students to participate in polls and have Q and A sessions with administrators? What if The Broadcaster partnered with Mr. Lackner and WFTK to build a media program the likes of which Long Island has never seen?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: it can be all of that and more! 

The Broadcaster is the voice of East Islip High School and it can be whatever YOU make it.

See you soon

As you can see, there’s certainly a lot to say about the newspaper and what makes it special, but the only way to really see is to come check it out!

If there’s one thing to take away from this article, it’s that the paper is a place that welcomes anyone and everyone, and it couldn’t hurt to just take a peek.

I sincerely hope to see you there, oh ye reader of this article, and that you can be a part of this little dream of ours.

So long for now.