Stanley Cups: Passing Trend or Here to Stay?

A student taking her Stanley Quencher to dance class.
A student taking her Stanley Quencher to dance class.

There are many different metal water bottles that have gone viral or been on trend: Hydro Flasks, Yetis, Rctics, and Owalas. Yet the most widely known right now are Stanley cups. A prime example of this popularity was when the new Starbucks and Stanley collab came out. Cups were sold out almost immediately and are now reselling at prices online of up to four hundred dollars. Are the overnight lines that are being formed outside of Target to buy this cup really worth it?

What is so different about them? 

These Stanley cup “Quenchers” are available in 20 different shades and are unique because of the handle on the side and a large straw poking out of the top for easy drinking access. No other water bottle brand has that same exact look, making the Stanley stand out amongst other water bottles. Unlike a Hydro Flask or a Yeti, Stanley cups are fitted to any sized hands as well as a car cup holder.

The bottle is hefty and sits on many students’ desks all day long, resulting in much more water consumption for those who do not drink lots of water.

An East Islip freshman, Eve Sassone says “My Stanley makes me drink way more water than I would with a regular water bottle, and it’s fashionable.” Though the price isn’t cheap, they are comparatively less expensive to other water bottles on the market. A 30 oz. Stanley is $35, a 30 oz. Yeti is $38, and a 32oz. Hydro flask is $45. Comparing all of these water bottles, Stanleys are slightly cheaper. 

Will they soon be forgotten like all other water bottle trends? 

An article from shared that “In 2022, there was a 275% increase in sales of the Quencher year over year, and U.S. sales of all sizes of the tumbler were up 751% in the year to date,” but that doesn’t mean they will last. 

There was a time period where every student’s bottle holder on their book bag had a Hydro Flask, then it went to Yeti, and now the new trend is to have a Stanley cup. As new cups become more popular the old popular cups start to diminish. People become less pleased by them and go out to buy a new one to follow a trend. In 2019, Hydro Flask had their peak of fame with their symbol being the face of VSCO girls. Yet Hydro flasks had their downfall once Yetis became popular around 2021. Now with neither Yetis nor Hydro Flasks being prominent with students, Stanley cups are where the fame is directed.

What is the reason for people going so crazy about this cup, when it is… just a cup?

Really the huge reason for this craze is popularity. When objects get all of this attention everyone wants to be a part of the wave of buying it, people usually do not want to be put into the category of not being trendy. When influencers create a post about how effective their new Stanley cup is, really, how could you not be at least a little persuaded into buying one yourself? 

East Islip Freshman Isabella Feliz says “Stanleys are overrated. [They’re] just the same as any other water bottle.” 

Where do I stand on the subject? People becoming obsessive over these bottles is where there is a line that is being crossed. People have started to stock up on Stanleys and buy an innumerable amount, which is completely unnecessary. Buying one or two quenchers and using it every day is different than becoming a hoarder with these water bottles and putting them up as collectibles for high prices. They are just cups! There really should be no reason to go deranged in the circumstances of a water bottle just because of its name.

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